“I am a Dubai based designer, artist, photographer, and model interested in creating multi-sensory experiences. I have a Bachelor in Architecture and a Minor in Studio Arts from the American University of Beirut.”

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my story - After the Beirut explosion, I quit my job and bought a camera. My mind was so saturated with the destroyed reality that I became a part of, and I needed to escape. I had to channel the emotions that came from losing my home and the city that I loved. I started taking pictures of my close friends at the temporary space that I rented. I couldn’t photograph whatever was left of the city, but my encounters with my friends showed me that they still carried beauty within them despite all the pain they were going through. It was a time we were open and transparent with one another, as if there wasn’t anything to hide anymore after being so close to death.

Sometimes I like to take pictures of the mundane little things that tend to be overlooked because I now notice even more so how they really make up a part of a home. Other times, I stage the photoshoot with a play on light and color to create some type of ephemeral setting and attain this sense of a glamorous reality where all is well and beautiful. This desire of photographing daily is really a defense mechanism, a way to not forget anything around me in case it all disappears again.


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portfolio of professional & personal work


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