Karen Madi is a photographer, designer, and art director currently based in Dubai. She was born and raised there but spent ten years of her young adult life in Beirut trying to find herself in its culture and people. She comes from a diverse background, a Lebanese/Syrian Christian/Muslim household, and that, combined with the clash of her conservative upbringing and her liberated twenties, has heavily affected the way she navigates through life. However, she never found a suitable medium to express herself up until the Beirut explosion. Following that horrific experience, Karen quit her job and bought a camera. Photography became the tool she used religiously. Saturated with the destroyed reality that she became a part of, she needed to escape and channel the emotions that came from losing her home and the city that she loved. By initially taking pictures of the mundane little things that tend to be overlooked, she began to notice even more so how they make up a part of a home. This coping mechanism shifted into a passion and career, and she doesn’t know how she lived so many years without it.

Presently, Karen's work is at the intersection of art, portraiture, and fashion and has been published in several regional magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Marie Claire. She recently directed and shot the cover story for Jamalouki Magazine's September issue featuring the Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti FW21 collection with actress Joanna Arida, star of the Netflix show "AlRawabi School for Girls."

for inquiries on potential collaborations, please email me at hello@karenmadi.me

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