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photography and set design for Karmalulu Jewelry’s Mesopotamian Collection

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marie claire arabia

“The Mesopotamian Collection weaves a story of female empowerment.

Inspired by Middle Eastern talismanic traditions, this collection, which comes with a whimsical aesthetic, was inspired by the tale of Ishtar, the most venerated female figure in Iraqi mythology. Incorporating natural and celestial elements, the pieces lend a modern and subversive edge to classically feminine tropes.

A rich alchemy of history, art and culture permeates the collection’s offering, which includes pendant necklaces dotted with diamonds and gems and iconographic signet rings, updating the romance of the ancient world with a contemporary mood.

Part heirloom part contemporary jewelry, these are timeless pieces that tell a unique story. The collection is a powerful and poetic tribute to the divine feminine energy and an ode to women whose legacies are often forgotten or untold.”

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